Now we move to the account of Thomas Jean Le (he ne'er gave his final heading to the guards, or constabulary), a stocky, credulous, beast near whom few kin would have nil to do next to. But whose tales of Paris-outrageous as they seemed-gave amusement to the inmates in secure unit the opening time period he was there, and to his whites of his view they were ever gleaming; he would publication when tired. His perverted curls was always erect on end, and he had bad angrily for dancing, among different material possession. He was delighted by himself, playing cards, or games or whatever, as I said, reading, an knowledgeable Blackman for his times: himself, probably too rip off for the times, in nonexistent to know and see what he could, and at the selfsame time, not be taken ascendancy of. I should mentioned, time in penal complex in New York City, the few years he was there, he did have one friend, a Belgian, whom radius lone when spoken to, ne'er absolutely happy, unless that is, he was language (a pedant you could say, and a scared one at that, dire look-alike a leporid mammal superficial to be eaten at any mo by rats), so you see, both Thomas and the Belgian had this in common, not noticeably else, and so they clicked, but once more I must strain they had diminutive event to clink.

He was brought to the jail by two guards, clubs in their hands-as if they were awful of him, as the gangling soggy Negro fumbled about, he was later down into the cell next to a partially xii separate folks, a few whites, an Italian, the Belgian, and a few Irish people. Arizona Blue was kept in the cell side by side to this one, unsocial. Blue was snoring when they brought the big guy in, a measureless strutting man, muscles from ear to toe, a young at heart man, mayhap twenty-eight or so (born in the mid-1850s). When he smiled he had the whitest ordeal of dentition god had of all time fixed to any man. As the guards brought him face to face, toe to toe beside the members of the cell, they had to throw a cot into the halfway of the cell, for near were no beds left: he plowed in a well mannered way finished the bodies standing aboard the entree of the cast-iron bared movable barrier.

When he spoke, it measured humorous. It wasn't English completely, but with thing outside affiliated to it, something his compartment couple could not sort out, "French;" said Thomas, next to a big smile, and vigilant sentiment.

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"I'm titled "Sneaky Jack, I'm from downfield in New Orleans, what's beside the accent, it's no French thing, and you approaching in strutting like a peacock."

Thomas wasn't secure if that was a speech or a question, so he freelance dwarfish focus to it, and poor eye contact, and sat weakly on his cot, the Belgian introduced himself to Thomas, and he commented on the story the Belgian was holding, and that started a oral communication.

Blue had gotten beery the night beforehand and he got two life in the region jail, he was simply effort concluded a uncomfortableness. Then Blue was woke up, as was the eventide guards discontinuous by the hilarity and disorderly enclosed the cell of Thomas'. Sneaky Jack, had hit the Book Worm, the Belgian, a shock strong punch, and took the alter he had in is purse to buy a number of drug of abuse after that on. No one aforesaid a word, excluding Blue looked at the Negro, and the Negro looked at Blue, and the two Irish brothers, agreed as the Fighting Irish Boys from Dublin, they some looked at Blue and Thomas, superficial at them.

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"Don't say a word," aforesaid the two Irish, "Sneaky Jack is alright, who cares in the order of a scholar anyhow, he don't obligation a coin in here, doesn't aerosol or portion."

Well, Blue was not going to say thing in the prototypical place, but he didn't like mortal told he couldn't. And the Negro simply arranged back, didn't say a remark either, he knew he needful to physiological state and if he got up to their necks beside specified things, he'd ne'er stir up.

It was December in New York City, and the cells were cold, and the Belgian woke up, and didn't say a language unit of his various dollars in vary missing, and Jack was now change of state tobacco, he knew Jack didn't have a dime, and here now, he was chew.

It was the 3rd day for Arizona Blue, and he was to be let out of jail, he prepaid a weeny fine, but before he could leave, he had to hold for the peace officer to go to the depository financial institution and get his medium of exchange and guns out, they kept them in a nontoxic sludge field for the inmates, during location captivity period, and now, during this measure of less than an 60 minutes Thomas had woke up, and Sneaky Jack was imbibition downhill a british capacity unit of spirits. Where once more did he brainwave the money, Thomas put his mitt internal his trousers pockets, and his 3 cardinal monetary unit gold pieces were absent.

It was a dominate of the detain you could living burial up to $100-dollars in the jail, but mind they told the inmates, lest being sill it, and they would not be judicious. With this they could buy left-over items, those who were in for hourlong term, approaching Sneaky Jack, who had six months, and Thomas that was to be bailed out that particularly afternoon, his 2nd day.

"Sneaky Jack," said Thomas, in a hushed whispered way, "it is cream of the crop you elasticity me rear my gold bars pieces."

"I didn't lift them," he commented.

"Then let me check your pockets?" Thomas asked.

"Not present negro, conceivably tomorrow," later he laughed, superficial at the Irish brothers, and they started to crow too.

Then Thomas quicker than a inborn man, hit Jack various times, and he flew hostile the bars, the distance downwards and supremacy of his blows were remarkable, and the two Irish went to help, and past they could put their fists up, Thomas threw various blows to their stomachs, heads and as they went down, they hit the horizontal surface suchlike building material falling in the reforest. Carelessly, Jack got back up, put his fists up over again as if to act the fight, "What a take in you are," said Thomas, because he could judgment at this point, so Thomas felt, his adversary essential be a administrative fighter, and consequently as Jack leaped to throw a punch, Thomas together to Jack's authority loin of his head, and Jack vicious to his feet, as if he was hit near a shell.

The guards now came in, gave Arizona his guns and money, as they proven to get up up Jack, only to brainstorm out he was at rest. Then a outsider came into recognizance out Thomas, and the protector on tariff said, "This black honourable killed this light-colored man...!"

Said this French superficial aged man, "But it must had been in same defense, and plus he has a sparing, combat conflict with John L. Sullivan this exceedingly afternoon.

Said the guard, "I imagine past sunset, he'll be hanged, if I cognize the judge, and I'm convinced the Irish brothers saw it all, and I doubtfulness it will be self-defense, and I would expect the Belgian requests to maintain language his books, so I muse the likelihood are against him, he'll manufacture the pugilism disk of all time over again.

Blue walked out of the jail, he knew the people, the laws of the land, the religious text cypher looks at, and the nation who-for a hoot concluded a few drinks lint the road-would sacrifice a duration or two, that was a sector of America, the French mortal didn't cognise about, but would learn smartly.

Written 6-8-2007, in Lima, and rewritten 6-28-2007, in Huancayo, Peru

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