Simon Cowell of American Idol is a Libra. What makes him "the man we respect to hate"? Aren't Librans pleasers and diplomats?

I've seen every articles enigmatical completed this development - a imply Libran - when really it's no perplex at all. I meditate what seems confounding is his Sun in Libra, the gesticulation universally considered to be talks. This lately goes to demonstrate how smaller necessity the Sun can have for overall chart command. It is what we strive for to, not necessarily what we are. It besides points out few misunderstandings in the region of Libra.


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Libra is best ever delineate as the iron fist in the smooth mitt. Personally I reckon of Otto von Bismarck (Jupiter in Libra). Henry Kissinger was different Libran (Moon/Saturn conjunct in Libra) with a nipping and scathing tongue. 'Twas he who said the infighting in world was furthermost rancorous because the bet were so minuscule. Ouch. Gandhi is other standard of an iron-fisted Libran Sun near Scorpio Rising.

Here are any of the areas of seasoning in Simon's drawing which highlight his self-image ... the man we admiration to hate!

SATURN IN CAPRICORN - Darth and Unredeeming Vader 

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Simon has Saturn in Capricorn so he is really faultfinding. He is all bit as faultfinding of himself as he is of others. He thinks all and sundry holds themselves to the said ridiculously utmost Capricorn standards that he does. He's absent the marvellous worldwide of fun, naturalness and originality. You normally see this extremely nonindulgent expression on his face when he is not bright that gorgeous Libran smiling.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN - Ubercritical Internalized Parent

Simon has Moon conjunct Saturn. His parents were likely stern and unforgiving, judgment him as officiously as he now law lords others. This can springiness a ersatz appearance of muscle and ownership. I assume this line-up of Simon annoys all of us who are responsive and trustworthy but the level of psychological state will be qualified to how big you buy into the entire Authority Figure thang. For one who are programmed to duty their parents simply because they are parents (the Curse of the Fourth Commandment), Simon's timbre will be familiar and kindly. Yikes.

VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO IN VIRGO - Venomous and Compulsive Muse

 A vastly defining factor is that Simon has Venus conjunct Pluto in the nitpicky complaining character of Virgo. With this concoction he is compulsively critical, LOVES someone reproachful and sarcastically his reproving observations are on average precise, exact and transformational. Many lives have been transformed by Simon's comments, we would all concur.

JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS - Self Appointed Know-It-All

Simon's Jupiter is in the truth recitation placard of Sagittarius. Simon can be so insolent. Well, he feels qualified to bowman the fact as if it were his particularly own privilege.

SOUTH NODE IN ARIES - Think William Shatner cum Denny Crane

Last but without doubt not least, Simon's South Moon Node is in Aries reflecting lifetimes of self affirmation so powerful, careful and made that golf shot himself out near is second humour to him. This includes person passing unsophisticated vocal as it is the charged converse gauge to his Libra Sun. Did you of all time consider how Simon had the bottle to set himself up as official and jury complete the inventive lives of group on two continents? He ne'er did. Self thought is not a character attribute of someone with South Moon Node in Aries nor is same reflection.

One point we can be convinced of even lacking the birth case ... Simon himself never questions his assertions or his mandate to talk them. He is wonderfully expectant that his remarks are "the" fact.

Simon's out of the ordinary go too gives a remarkable representative for thos experiencing effort in the Saturn Return, the surveyor's instrument one and all experiences concerning 28 and 30.

You're most xxx and your attentively deliberate enthusiasm is in shambles! How could this pass off to human like-minded you? It's your Saturn Return. Actually that's newly what happened to Simon Cowell. His go crashed.

Life flaming at 28-30 eld old is an witness that the existence you've been leading, still well manicured, nonetheless cozy, gratifying to your parents or externally "perfect", is not your trusty natural life. It can now come across that you have if truth be told been "living a lie".

Your life is toppling unconnected to permit you to recreate on more reliable lines. Read on .....

Here's what happened to Simon Cowell during his Saturn Return.

The man you be mad about to detestation only just ready-made these clarification to Stacy Perlman of

Perlman: What role has dead loss compete in you[r] career? For instance, your label Fanfare Records went low in 1989, and your world corroborate Cupid was canceled in 2003.

Cowell: When I was 30 the enterprise that owned Fanfare went bust, and I efficaciously wasted everything [emphasis excavation]. I had to move in with my parents.

[Here's the maximum newsworthy section as he goes on to say] In hindsight, it was the leaders situation that happened in my being because I scholarly the plus of money: not to acquire resources and not to continue living gone my channel. And I bookish that getting at hand is more fun than person here. But one piece that I have e'er been able to do is to own up to mistakes and not liability others.

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