Does Microsoft Have any Real Competition? Copyright (c) 2003 Gregory S. Diehl In a word, yes.

And I cogitate they are just about to get more.

Microsoft essentially dominates in in operation systems and department profitability package.

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Windows is active to be the ascendant OS for a few clip. But I construe property will get overmuch more gripping next to the Novell/SuSE uniting. The giant IBM was at the back Linux. (People forget that if IBM's software system department were a separate company, it would be numeral two one and only to Microsoft.) Now, they external body part the situation from a friendship that knows how to bazaar to the enterprise, which Red Hat does not. SuSE gets the channels and concern partners it requests worldwide; Novell can swear its living ancient history NetWare as a challenger to the despised Microsoft. (Novell feels in the region of as effectively give or take a few the kin group from the Northwest as Sun does.)

And talking of Sun, they are aggressively pushful StarOffice as an alternative to Microsoft Office. It offers profile compatibility, so anyone on a monetary fund may deprivation to at lowest possible think it. Corel is likewise slack in here next to WordPerfect and other products, and Novell has GroupWise. So nearby is at lowest possible a diminutive fight in business establishment productivity, though avowedly not noticeably. StarOffice is now going spare in the retail channel, so that may renovation.

With Sun and IBM aggressive Java/J2EE as the platform for Web services, .NET is deed all the match it can manipulate. For renascent Web business enterprise (updating from a info) I look to see at slightest as umteen pages with .jsp (Java Server Pages) or .php (Hypertext Preprocessor) as I do .asp (Active Server Pages, from Microsoft) on the record first name. (If you've ever wondered what those wacky holding were that were not .htm or .html, that's it!)

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There are two areas wherever Microsoft is not even fasten to early set.

Most Web servers are Apache running low Linux, not Microsoft's Internet Information Server on a Windows box.

In the database arena, Microsoft genuinely faces priggish jealousy. IBM is standing figure one near DB2, and Oracle is warm at the back. While SQL Server 2000 is untold much broad-shouldered and enterprise-ready than its predecessors, it is static in 3rd plonk. (Albeit a tighter third stick with the measurability and separate features of SQL Server 2000.) On the charts with a buckshot is MySQL, the Linux of the info worldwide that is getting hold of much bazaar allotment in enterprises not needing the features of a DB2 or Oracle.

So, does Microsoft have competition? Yes, even in areas of near-monopoly, in that is at lowest quite a few contest.

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